Welcome Address

Welcome Address


Chief Y.F. Oyeyemi – Chairman Egbe Offa Mesi at Inaugural Ceremony in Offa

On Saturday 13th May, 2006



Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am overwhelmed with joy at the opportunity I am given to welcome you most heartily and sincerely to this historic ceremony of the inauguration of EGBE OFFA MESI and the launching of its mouthpiece; its Newsletter, most appropriately named, OFFA MESI ECHO.


This August assembly is convened today after some period of sensitization visits to eminent and illustrious indigenes of Offa; both male and female. It is pertinent at this juncture to debunk campaigns of calumny that had been peddled about the Society prior to now. Egbe Offa Mesi recognises Offa Descendants Union (ODU) as a big sister whose incalculable contributions to the socio-cultural, political and economic development of Offa cannot be denied by any stretch of imagination. Many founding members of the society had at one time or the other served the ODU in diverse capacities and many are still active members of the ODU. So, EGBE OFFA MESI is not out to destroy, supplant or subvert the ODU. It is indeed, founded too compliment the activities of the ODU in carrying out its objectives while the society will fill the gap which by it constitution, the ODU constrained to touch. What does Egbe Offa Mesi stand for? Its Mission Statement reads. Thus:

“EGBE OFFA MESI shall be concerned with the economic, social, educational, cultural and political progress of Offa as a town and people. It shall encourage the prevalence of peace and love in the town. It shall ensure that Offa obtains, in every legitimate way, fairness and justice in welfare”. Compare this Mission statement with Chief E.O. Adesoye’s welcome address at the N250 million fund raising ceremony on Saturday, 5/11/05. He said and I quote: “Offa Descendants Union is a socio-cultural and non political body. Some of the aims and objectives of the ODU include:

  1. Seeking the improvement of Offa town and her people;
  2. Working for Unity, peace and progress among all sons and daughters of Offa and all indigenes in her sister Local Government areas of Kwara State;
  • Seek to enhance the growth of Offa educationally and industrially;
  1. Ensure peaceful coexistence with all our neighbours in towns and villages of Kwara State.

Distinguish Ladies and Gentlemen, if you put Egbe Offa Mesi’s mission statement side by side the aims and objectives of the. ODU as enunciated in that welcome address by its National president you will discover that there is no divergence but convergence of aims and objectives. If time were to permit me,I would have liked to spell out the aims and objectives of Egbe Offa Mesi as a further proof of the correlation between the mission of one and the Vission of the other. All the same i will like to crave your indulgence to mention two objectives of Egbe Offa Mesi to underscore the similarity between the ideals to which ODU and Egbe Offa Mesi are commited. Objective(iii) of the ODU above tallies in all material ingredients with objective (c) of Egbe offa Mesi which runs thus: “To promote the development and progress of Offa politically,socially,culturally and economically in every legitimate way” objective (f) of Egbe Offa Mesi as the clincher is: “To map out suitable strategies to enable Offa town and her citizens remain in enviable positions socially,politically,educationally and economically in Kwara State and wherever else they may be”. My conclusion from the foregoing comparision of the Vision and Mission respectively of the ODU and Egbe Offa Mesi is that all indigenes of Offa, Male and Female, are qualified to enlist for membership of the two Organizations without any conflict of interest and without compromising their positions on any issues. EGBE OFFA MESI. believes in peaceful co-existence with sister organizations, which in one-way or the other share wholly or partially its Mission and Vision. EGBE OFFA MESI is, therefore, absolutely committed to collaborate and cooperate with such organizations as well as with governmental and non governmental bodies in working for the good, peace, development and growth of Offa. You may want to know,Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, how EGBE OFFA MESI has been working on stategies and modalities for accomplishing its Mission. It had in the gestation period established nine committees to handle specific matters in the overall interest of the community. These are;

  1. The Organizing Committee;
  2. Committee on Political Affairs and External Relations;
  3. Offa Interest and State Rights Committee;
  4. Offa Reconciliation and peace Committee;
  5. Committee for Offa Development;
  6. Education Committee;
  7. Information and Publicity Committee;
  8. Offa resources management and protection committee and
  9. Youth Counselling and Carer Guidance Committee.


The main organ of Egbe Offa Mesi is the executive council which manages its affairs and coordinates the activities of the various Committees. The Committee system is adopted to enable Egbe Offa Mesi remain focused and prevent any deviation from the charted course of action or Road Map which has already been prepared. The committee system also ensures that all resources and expertise available within Egbe Offa Mesi are captured and deployed most effectively and optimally for the good of the community.


Egbe Offa Mesi has at the apex of its structure an Advisory Body consisting of Elders who have been rightly grouped into the council of Elders. The council’s Chairman is Prince Y. Abioye Oyeleke while its secretary is Alhaji R. K. Yusuf. The council of Elders meets as and when circumstances demand or when requested to do so by the ExecutiveCouncil to thrash out issues.


The Inauguration Egbe OFFA MESI today, 13th may,2006 reminds me of a similar event which took place 70 years and 7 months ago when the co-founders of Offa Descendants union, 19 young Offa indigenes working in Lagos (all men) attended its inaugural meeting at 40,McCollum street, Ebute Metta on Sunday, 13th October,1935. History is thus repeating itself today, except for the big difference that the Co-founders, who are going to be enrolled in the special commemorative Constitution of Egbe Offa Mesi are, men and women, reputable, eminent and illustrious, each in his or her own right.


As the ODU continues to remain relevant in the promotion of educational, industrial and economic development of Offa in its nearly 71 years of existence, it is my prayers that EGBE OFFA MESI will serve as a catalyst for the rapid and unparalleled social, educational, economical, industrial and political development of Offa where peace, unity,love and mutual understanding will reign supreme. pray also that EGBE OFFA MESI will enjoy a long lease of life of dedicated and meritorious services to Offa. Amen.


Mr Chairman, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your attention. And Welcome once again.

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