Oyeyemi Yunus Folohunsho’s profile

Name: Oyeyemi, Yunus Folohunsho

Permanent/Home Address: Ipee Road

E-mail/Postal Address: P.O box 764 Ilorin

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 9th April, 1932.

Religion: Islam

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Retired Public servant

Highest Educational/Professional Qualification: M.Ed. (MANCHESTER) , B.A. (London), PGCE (London)

Other Information: The Amuludun of Offa; First President, Egbe Offa Mesi (2006-2013); Vice President Offa Development Foundation (2013-); Member- Offa Council of Elders and Member-Council of Honourary chiefs of Offa. Chairman – Yunus Folohunsho Oyeyemi Foundation. Member – Trustee Egbe Offa Mesi.

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