Offa Mesi Cap in pictures

Offa Mesi Cap Becomes the Symbol of Unity Cap of Offa People in Pictures:

offa mesi-1
Prayer mood at Olofa’s Palace by Alhaji R.A. Adeyemo, a member of the Egbe Offa Mesi Exco
offa mesi-2

Olofa of Offa being presented with the Egbe Offa Mesi cap fabric

 offa mesi-3
High Chiefs in attendance at the Olofa Palace: Right: Chief Eesa – Alh. Yunus Bukoye, Middle: Chief Balogun – Alh. Oseni Olaniyi, Left: Chief Sawo – Alh. Kola Sanni
 offa mesi-4
Some members of the Egbe Exco begniing from Right to left: Alh. M. Aiyelero, Alh. M.O. Oyeleke, Alh. Y.F. Oyeyemi, Alh. Bisi Lawal, Alh. J. Tolani
 offa mesi-5Some Exco Female members presnt at the Palace. From Left to right: Hajia L.R. Oyeleke, Hajia M. Adeyemo, Hajia B.T. Dolapo
 offa mesi-6
Chief L. Tolani, President of Egbe Offa Mesi explaining the Egbe Mesi Constitution
 offa mesi-7
Chief Y.F. Oyeyemi, member Council of Elders, Egbe Offa Mesi explaining a point in the Egbe Offa Mesi Constitution
 offa mesi-8
H.R.M. Olofa of Off, Oba Mufutau Illufemiloye Esuwoye II reading the Egbe Offa Mesi Constitution
 offa mesi-9
Group Photographs after the meeting with some members of the Egbe Exco with Olofa of Offa.
Standing from Right to Left: Chief Y.F. Oyeyemi, High Chief Balogun Oseni Olaniyi, Alh. M.O. Akinola, Olofa of Offa Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi Okikiola Esuwoye II, Chief L.O. Tolani – President Egbe Offa Mesi, Hajia L.R. Oyeleke, Alh. M.O. Oyeleke, Alh. M. Adeshina and Hajia B.T. Dolapo
Sitting from Right to Left: Alh. Bisi Lawal, Alh. M. Aiyeloro, Hajia Raji, Hajia M. Adeyemo, Alh. R.A. Adeyemo and Mr. Y.O. Yusuf
 offa mesi-10
Aremo Prof. M.O. Oyawoye (in the middle) Right: Chief L. Tolani – President, Left: Alh. M. Akinola – 1st Vice President on their homage to the Olofa Palace
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