How it all began


For more than a decade (1994-2005) various crises engulfed Offa and paralysed the polity of the Town in all its ramifications.  The most serious consequence of the misunderstandings was the loss of unity and love among the citizenry, especially the Elders and Community Leaders.  It became difficult and almost impossible to mobilise Offa for social, political, economic, educational and Industrial Development.  Offa was becoming “recolonised” by its traditional enemies both within and without.

There was therefore the need to arrest the trend and bring Offa back to the path of peace and development.

The need to create a platform to redress the unacceptable and disadvantageous circumstance that Offa found herself became imperative.  Prof. M.O. Oyawoye worried aloud.  After preliminary discussions and brainstorming among some of his close associates, a meeting of concerned Offa Leaders was convened on June 19th, 2005 to deliberate on the identified problems confronting Offa as a town to finding solutions to them.


Persons reached out to on that day and at various dates thereafter included Alh. (Prince) Y. Abioye Oyeleke, Alh. A.B. Olasinde, Alh. M. Ayo Giwa, Alh. M.A. Lawal, Alh. Karimu Olagunju (Ade), Chief E.A. Omitayo, Alh. R.K. Yusuf, Alh. S.A. Abduraheem, Alh. R.K. Olagunju, Alh. Y.F. Oyeyemi, Alh. Jide Oyewumi, Arc. Depo Omotosho, Alh. Wale Olatunde, Elder B.A. Morohunfola, JP, Alh. Tunde Balogun, Alh. Ganiyu Olagunju, Alh. Raimi Giwa, Mr. Muda Zubair, Alh. M.A. Sanni and Alh. Gbadebo Bello.

At one of the subsequent meetings held by the concerned Offa Leaders on 3/7/05, a Committee was set up to:

a)      Recommend a name for the forum;

b)      Articulate the Group’s Mission, Aims and Objectives;

c)      Prepare a draft Constitution;

d)      Suggest a motto and logo and

e)      Prescribe the organisational structure of the Society


The Committee submitted its Report on July 24, 2005 and at two other subsequent meetings held on Sept. 18, 2005 and Sept. 26, 2005 the Group discussed and adopted:

a)      The name of Egbe Offa Mesi from among eight names considered;

b)      The Society’s Mission, Aims and Objectives;

c)      A Constitution for the Society;

d)      Olorun Lagbekele (in God we Trust) as the motto of the Society

e)      A two-tier organisational structure comprising Council of Elders and the generality of the Society, which shall work through a Committee system;

f)       A logo that succinctly captures the historical and cultural background of Offa.  The Logo also emphasised the importance of unity, love and collective responsibility in maintaining the corporate existence and development of the Town

All the above information about the Society and its Plan of Action are contained in the Newsletter of the Society, OFFA MESI ECHO.  The trust that Offa people have in and under God and the help they enjoy from their friends and well-wishers had sustained the town through the years.

The pillars are our hope that Offa will always find solutions to whatever problems she has.  Hence the name Offa Mesi.


May peace remain and reign inside you, OFFA; whoever loves you shall prosper and do good. Amen.

Long Live Egbe Offa Mesi


Chief Omitayo

Secretary General of Egbe Offa Mesi

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