The Constitution



EFFECTIVE FROM 13th May, 2006

Motto: Olorun Lagbekele



EGBE OFFA MESI shall be concerned with the economic, social, educational, cultural and political progress of Offa as a town and people. It shall encourage the prevalence of peace and love in the town. It shall ensure that Offa obtains, in every legitimate way, fairness and justice in matters that concern her progress and welfare. The Constitution of the Society shall be hiding on all members.


  1. Putting out trust completely in and under God, we members of Egbe Offa Mesi make this Constitution which may be cited as the constitution (Rules and Regulations) of Egbe Offa Mesi and shall be deemed to have come into effect as from 13th May, 2006
  2. Definitions

The Society means Egbe Offa Mesi formed on 13th May, 2006

“Member” means every male and female native of Offa and their off-springs who may show his or her intention to join the society and is registered.

“Female member ” includes every female non- indigene of Offa who is married to a male indigene of Offa and shows commitment to the vision and mission of the society

Dishonesty” means any act done with the intention of causing a wrongful gain to oneself or another leading to wrongful loss to the society and any of its members.

“Misconduct” means any improper behaviour tending towards tarnishing the good name of the Society or bringing it to ridicule.

“Treachery” means any act of Omission or commission tending to show the doer as unreliable#

Secretariat of the Society” means the Administrative Headquarters of the Society and shall be situated in Offa


The Society shall be known as Egbe Offa Mesi and shall have its Headquarters in Offa. The Society may have branches in Nigeria and other countries.

  1. Aims and objectives of the society
  2. To encourage the prevalence of peace and love among Offa people
  3. To ensure that Offa obtains fairness and justice in matters that concerns her progress and welfare in all their ramifications;
  4. To promote the development and progress of Offa politically, socially, culturally and economically in every legitimate way;
  5. To project the emancipation of Offa town and her citizens;
  6. To help Offa youths and bequeath to them a bright future
  7. To map out suitable strategies to enable Offa town and her citizens remain in enviable positions socially, politically, educationally and economically in Kwara State and where else they may be;
  8. To bring respect to and enhance the integrity of Offa in all her dealings;
  9. To provide facilities for the attainment of the above – mentioned aims and objectives and all other things ancillary thereto;
  10. Motto: The Motto of the Society shall be Olorun Lagbekele (In God we Trust).
  11. Membership and Cessation of Membership
  12. Membership of the society shall be open to both male and female indigenes of Offa and their off springs.
  13. Any such person becomes a member after he or she have shown interest in the activities of the society and is recommended by at least three existing members of the society as a fit and proper person to be so admitted.
  14. Each member shall pay the required dues.
  15. Membership shall cease where annual dues for three years fall arrears
  16. Any member who defaults in payment of dues for three consecutive years shall cease to be a member.
  17. The Society may request its members to pay such levies as may be required from time to time.
  18. Any member who is found guilty of disloyalty or other forms of misconduct deemed to be unbecoming of a member of the Society shall be appropriately disciplined.
  19. Officers of the Society

The officers of the Society shall consist of the following

  1. Chairman
  2. 2 Vice Chairmen
  3. Secretary General
  4. Secretary General
  5. Organizing Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Publicity Secretary
  8. Auditor
  9. Legal Adviser
  10. Duties of Officers
  11. Chairman: The chairman shall be at the Head of the Society. He shall preside over Annual General Meetings, Meetings of the Executive council and any Committee of the Society of which he may be a member. He shall be responsible for order and decorum at all meetings at which he presides. He shall have a casting vote. In the absence of the chairman any of the 2 Vice Chairmen shall preside.
  12. Secretary – General: The secretary General shall be responsible for the running of the secretariat of the society. He shall in consultation with the chairman summon Annual General meetings, Executive Council meetings or any other meeting of the society as may be deemed necessary. He shall be responsible for implementing the policy decisions of the Society and shall prepare and submit Annual Reports of the society to the Annual General Meeting.
  13. Assistant Secretary- General: The Assistant Secretary-General shall give such assistance to the Secretary – General as the latter shall from time to time request. He shall deputize for the Secretary – General when the latter for any reason is unable to discharge his duties. He shall take the minutes of all Executive Council Meetings.
  14. Organizing Secretary:The Organizing secretary shall organize branches of the society at such places as may be decided by the Executive Council or Society
  15. Treasurer:The Treasurer shall receives all monies paid to the society. He shall cause all monies to be deposited in the Bank Account of the Society within the shortest possible time, at a Bank approved at the Annual General Meeting. He shall keep with him an imprest of such amount as may be approved by Executive Council from time and time. He shall prepare and submit an Annual Statement of the Account to the Annual General meeting of the Society notwithstanding that he may be required to give financial reports of the Society at any time before each Annual General Meeting. The treasurer shall pay out all monies approved by the secretary –General or the Assistant Secretary – General deputizing for him.
  16. Publicity Secretary; The Publicity Secretary shall be responsible for publicizing the activities of the Society and its functions after due consultation with the Secretary – General.
  17. Auditor: The Auditor shall audit the account of the Society and present his report to the Annual General Meeting. He shall submit his report to the Secretary- General for circulation not later than one month before the Annual General Meeting of the Society.
  18. Legal Adviser:The Legal adviser shall advise the society in all legal matters and shall represent or arrange the representation of the society in any suit or matter affecting the interest of the society in any court of law
  19. Authorised signatories to Society Account: The Chairman, the Secretary- General and the Treasurer shall be the authorised signatories to the Society’s accounts. Any two of the officers one of whom shall be the Treasurer shall validly operate the accounts of the Society.
  20. Tenure of office
  21. The Chairman and other offices of the society except the Secretary- General shall hold office for a period of two years and their tenure will not be renewable.
  22. The Secretary- General’s appointment shall be renewed yearly but he can not hold office for more than three consecutive years.
  23. Election of Officers

Election to the offices of the Society shall be held towards the end of an Annual General Meeting. Candidates for election shall be nominated by two members. Election shall be by a Secret Ballot and shall be taken at a single ballot and when the votes are even, the returning officer shall have a casting vote.

  1. Executive Council and committees of The Society
  2. Executive Council
  3. The Executive Council of the Society shall consist of all its officers including three unofficio members. An immediate past Chairman and Secretary General shall be members of the Executive Council shall thereafter not be renewable.
  4. The Executive Council shall have powers to co- opt any member (s) or person to take part in any special deliberation of the society.
  • The Executive Council shall meet quarterly or as occasion demands. One- third of the members of the executive Council shall form a quorum.
  1. Notice of an Executive Council meeting must be sent to all concerned at least two weeks before the date fixed for the meeting except for an emergency meeting where the Executive Council meeting could be called within two days
  2. The Secretary- General after consultation with and approval of the chairman may cancel a meeting of the Executive Council for which a date has been fixed and a notice sent not less than three days before the date fixed for the meeting after which the date the meeting shall stand and shall not be cancelled.
  3. Other Committees
  4. The Executive Council shall have powers to constitute other Committees that will facilitate the work of the Society
  5. Each such committee shall have powers to regulate its meetings.
  6. Meetings of the Society
  7. The Society shall meet as such frequent intervals as occasion demands.
  8. One-third of the membership of the Society shall form a quorum at any of its meetings
  9. Annual General Meetings:
  10. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held at Offa.
  11. An Extra- Ordinary meeting of the Society may be called as occasion demands
  • Invitation to attend any General Meeting shall be extended to all members of the society
  1. Notice of Annual General Meetings shall be sent to all members at least one month before the date fixed for the meetings
  2. The proceedings of the Annual General Meetings shall be conducted and written both in English and Yoruba languages
  3. The Chairman or the Secretary- General acting with the consent of the Chairman may invite any person or persons whose attendance may be considered helpful to the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Secretary- General after consultation with and approval of the Chairman may cancel an Annual General Meeting for which a date has been fixed and a notice sent not less than seven days before the date fixed for the Annual General meeting after which date the Annual General meeting shall stand and shall not be cancelled
  1. Disciplinary Committee

The Society shall have a Standing Disciplinary Committee and it shall consist of:

  • 2 clergymen ( 1 Christian & 1 Muslim)
  • 1 Lawyer
  • Two Elders who should not be less than 60 years of age.
  1. Council Of Elders
  2. The Council of Elders shall be the “Upper house” of the society and shall consist of all elderly members of the Society who are not holding any Executive position in the Society. A member of the Council may be elected to serve in any of the offices of the society. Such person shall for the duration of the tenure cease to be a member of Council. The Council shall be an advisory body and shall deliberate on any matter or dispute referred to it by the Executive Council of the Society. The Council shall meet at least once year but may be called into session in case of urgent matter affecting the interest of Offa by itself in joint meeting with the Executive Council.
  3. The Council of Elders shall have power to regulate its meetings.
  4. Board of Trustees

The Trustees of the Society shall consist of seven members who shall hold office for such length of time as may be directed by the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Trustees shall be nominated and recommended by the Secretary- General after consultation with the Council of Elders and the Executive Council and such nomination shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for consideration.

  1. Society Seal

The Society shall have a common seal. Such common seal shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary- General who shall produce it when required for use by the Trustees of the Society.

  1. Use of seal

Any document to be executed by the Trustees of the Society shall be signed by at least any two of them and sealed with the common seal of the Society

  1. Membership Card

The Executive Council may design, print and issue membership cards to members of the Society. Such membership card shall be issued to members on payment of such amount as may be determined from time to time. The Treasurer shall be the Custodian of the membership cards. Membership card shall be subject to revision within five years.

15        Bye-Laws

The Executive Council may make Bye-laws for the good management of the Society and those Bye-laws shall be enforced unless and until theyare revoked by a resolution at the Annual General Meeting.

16        Amendment of Constitution

The provisions of this constitution may be added to, amended or cancelled from time to time by a two-third majority of the members present at an Annual General Meeting of the Society. Notices of such amendments, additions and cancellations shall be communicated in writing to the Secretary- General at least two months before an Annual General Meeting. The Secretary – General will ensure that such notices are sent to members a month before the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Special Clause
  2. The income and property of the Society whensoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and Objects of the Society as set forth in this Constitution/ rules and regulations and no portion therefore shall be paid or transferred directly by the way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to the members of the Society.
  3. Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or servant of the Society or to any member of the Society I return for any service actually rendered to the Society, but so that no member of the Executive Council, any other committees or Council of Elders of the Society shall be appointed to any, salaried office of the Secretary or any office of the Society paid by fees, and that no remuneration or other benefit in money or money shall be given by the Society to any member of such Executive Council other Committee or Council of Elders except the repayment of out of pocket expenses or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or hired to the Society provided that the provision last aforesaid shall nor apply to any payment of any company of a member of the Society may be a company in which such member shall not hold more than one-hundred part of the capital, and such member shall not be bound to account for any share of profits he may receive in respect of any such payment.
  4. No addition, alteration or amendments, shall be made to or in the constitution/ Rules and Regulations of the Society for the time being in force unless the same have been previously submitted to and approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission. (C.A.C)

In the event, of a winding up or dissolution of the Society there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions, having objects similar to the objects of the Society and the body or bodies are prohibited from distributing its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent or least as great as is imposed on the Society under or by virtue of the SPECIAL CLAUSE hereof, such institution or institutions to be determined by the members of the Society or before the time of dissolution and if in so far as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision then to some charitable object.

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