Alhaja Sabitiyu Oyeleke’s Profile

Alhaja Sabitiyu Olaitan OyelekeName: Alhaja Sabitiyu Olaitan Oyeleke

Permanent/Home Address: Ikotun Road Offa

E-mail/Postal Address: P.O. Box 84, Offa

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 11th November, 1936

Religion: Islam

Marital Status: Married (Widow)

Occupation: Self Employed

Highest Educational/Professional Qualification: Secondary Certificate and Secretarial Training.

Other Information: Chairperson AUO Women’s Wing Offa Council of Elders, Offa Mesi. President, Offa Progressive Women Association 3rd Iya Aduni Offa Muslim Council Offa. Member – Trustee Egbe Mesi.

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