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Egbe Offa Mesi was established to promote the economic, social, educational, cultural and political development of the people and Offa metropolis in general. It’s policies and programme are designed to ensure the prevalence of peace, unity and love in the town. It has no hidden agenda besides the promotion of the walfare and legitimate interests of Offa indigenes and resolves peacefully all conflicts within the community and between the community and all its neighbours. It ensures that Offa and her indigenes obtain, in every legitimate way, fairness and justice in all manners of life. It assist other up coming Association to develop and achieve their objectives.

Ada egbe Offa Mesi sile lati mun idagba soke ba oro aje, igbaye gbadun, eto eko,asa ati eto iselu ilu Offa ati awon eniyan re. ilana ati eto egbe yi da lori alafia, isokan ati ife larin ilu. Egbe yi ko lebo leru yato fun igbe laruge igbe aiye Alafia, ati awon asa ilu offa. Egbe yi tun ni eto lati pari gbungbungbun larin awon ara ilu Offa ati awon agbegbe. Egbe yi tun tepele mon bi ilu Offa ati awon enia re yio se mari eto won gba lona to ba ofin mu. Paripari re, egbe yin se iranlowo fun awon egbe titun miran lati dagba soke, ki ero ngba won si wasi imuse.

The story so far

For more than a decade (1994-2005) various crises engulfed Offa and paralysed the polity of the Town in all its ramifications.  The most serious consequence of the misunderstandings was the loss of unity and love among the citizenry, especially the Elders and Community Leaders.  It became difficult and almost impossible to mobilise Offa for social, political, economic, educational and Industrial Development.  Offa was becoming “recolonised” by its traditional enemies both within and without.

There was therefore the need to arrest the trend and bring Offa back to the path of peace and development.

The need to create a platform to redress the unacceptable and disadvantageous circumstance that Offa found herself became imperative.  Prof. M.O. Oyawoye worried aloud.  After preliminary discussions and brainstorming among some of his close associates, a meeting of concerned Offa Leaders was convened on June 19th, 2005 to deliberate on the identified problems confronting Offa as a town to finding solutions to them read more…

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